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Welcome to the Australian Wool Fashion Awards
We are passionate about developing the wool industry by incentivising innovation and ideas from young minds in the industry. We provide an avenue for brilliant designers to win monetary prizes and gain mentorship opportunities that can set them up for life. We aim to produce the next generation of wool designers who are passionate about designs that will disrupt and advance the market. We want to connect wool designers to some of the best minds in the market that can offer them growth opportunities.


The pandemic has affected the regular order of activities. As a result, many things have had to be suspended. Some of our programs have also been affected. The final stage of the award involves an international physical event. However, due to the virus, this has been put to a halt, as there are now travel restrictions.

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What we do

We organise an international award for wool designers with at least two years of market viability, and at most, eight years. Our award is geared at growing a spirit of competition, which is the best way to ensure the creation of value and excellence in the industry. We offer monetary prizes for our awards, which is a way of helping the winner set up in life and boost their career projection.

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About The Awards

The award seeks to recognise some of the best minds in the wool industry. Many fashion designers are after the award, as it helps to set them up for a better career trajectory. The award also improves the visibility you have as a designer. Being a prestigious award, you get to have more connections and opportunities that you can leverage to become better and achieve more levels of growth.

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The finalists are those whose applications have passed the test of the board. The reviewers ensure that the finalists are those with the best applications out of all. To be a finalist for the award, a designer not only needs to apply for the award but must also ensure that they put in their best. The finalists will be displayed on the website to indicate that the review stage has progressed.

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Our judges are people of high standards in the industry and who have contributed to one form of project or the other. We have high regard for standard and this influences the choice of judges that we select to serve on our panel. We set up a board to carefully scrutinise the judges that we will be selecting.

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How To Apply

The first thing you need to consider is the eligibility requirement. This is what determines whether your application will be a valid one outright. To be eligible for the prize, you must have been producing apparel for commercial purposes for at least two years. At most, it can only be for eight years. This is crucial because the award is based on the viability of the designs you're applying with.

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