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About the Awards

Why The Awards Exist

About the Awards

The award is a prestigious one and remains one of the most valuable awards for wool fashion designers. It seeks to recognise some of the best minds in the wool industry. Many fashion designers are after the award, as it helps to set them up for a better career trajectory.

The award also improves the visibility you have as a designer. Being a prestigious award, you get to have more connections and opportunities that you can leverage to become better and achieve more levels of growth. If you are in the wool industry and you’re creative with your style, this is an award you should look out for.

The award is in stages which shall see many people drop before the finalists emerge. The awards take applications from a wide range of people who are interested in developing themselves and becoming the better versions of themselves.

As such, the award starts by application, which is the stage when you send in your entry to qualify you as one of the participants. Before applying, you must check the eligibility tab to ensure that you’re eligible for the award. This will help you know whether your application will be considered or not.

After the application stage, the process will move to the review stage where your application will be evaluated, and following the review stage, the finalists will be chosen.

The award is prestigious for its impressive monetary prize, which is an amount that can significantly contribute towards setting you up as a designer and also helping you get the necessary resources that will make your job better.

Asides the monetary prize, there is a mentorship opportunity for you to learn from the best minds. The mentorship opportunity connects you with some of the best minds in the market who can put you through essential things that you need to know as a budding designer.

This improves the quality of your decisions and ensures that you have an adequate career trajectory. It also lets you learn from the mistakes of others so that you know how best to structure your decision-making process.

Our aim remains to build the next generation of wool designers who are not only forward thinking but also have the right facilities to bring their ideas to life. The wool industry will get bigger with impactful ideas that can drive growth and development.

These ideas are best nurtured by the young ones who can channel their passion towards developing brilliant designs and products that will disrupt the market. The encouragement and support of the next generation are how we can strengthen the wool industry to ensure that it serves its purpose.

The award aims to bring out the best in the students and young ones by challenging them to dare their abilities and claim the prize.

Over the years, the award has become highly recognised for having produced excellent designers who are performing impressively across different places. This has been our aim with the award and it’s gradually fulfilling the purpose.

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