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The Ones Before The Winner


There are various stages involved in the selection process of the award. Following the review stage, the finalists will be selected. The finalists are those whose applications have passed the test of the board.

The reviewers ensure that the finalists are those with the best applications out of all. To be a finalist for the award, a designer not only needs to apply for the award, but must also ensure that they put in their best. The finalists will be displayed on the website to indicate that the review stage has progressed.

The profile of each finalist will be attached to their names and pictures. This way, viewers get to know who the finalists are and what their profiles look like. You also get to know their names so you can check them up and maybe connect with them.

It is crucial to list the finalists, as that in itself is a form of recognition. The truth is that not everyone will win the award. However, there are always certain applications that are close to the winner’s, but fall short on some parameters.

These kinds of applications should not just be tossed away. They deserve some recognition to show that the work they put in was recognised. These people are those who make it to the finalist segment, including the winner as well.

The finalists can be about 8 in number depending on the quality of the entries and what the judges deem fit. The decisions of the judges are final and this is why the judging process is a careful one that takes a while before it gets finalised. This is to ensure that the best output is achieved.

The finalists shall be eligible for mentorship opportunities with top minds in the industry. We understand that only a winner and a runner-up will emerge from the finalists. But the finalists are not left without prizes.

There are consolation prizes that go to every finalist to help them further their career and build their trajectory to become a top wool designer in the industry. The mentorship opportunity affords the designers an opportunity to learn from the experts in the field. This gives them a lead and vantage over the others.

We foster a strong relationship between the finalists and the mentors to ensure that the mentorship initiative works effectively to serve the needs of the designers. We are about quality and we want to ensure that all our services are tailored to meet that value.

The finalists are also eligible to re-apply for the award. We create this to afford an equal playing ground such that the finalists are not denied their rights to enter the award because they were a finalist in the previous edition. If you’re passionate about wool designing, you’ll always want to get the best.

As such, if a finalist wants to apply for the competition again, they very well can. Our goal is to ensure that we continue to foster value addition and ideation in the wool industry. This is crucial to making the industry a vast one with impressive economic power.

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