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How To apply

Applying For The Award

How To apply

The application process is not a difficult one. The first thing you need to consider is the eligibility requirement. This is what determines whether your application will be a valid one outright. To be eligible for the prize, you must have been producing apparel for commercial purposes for at least two years. At most, it can only be for eight years. This is crucial because the award is based on the viability of the designs you’re applying with.

As such, if you have not started working for commercial purposes or creating your designs to have them in the market, it means you are not eligible for this award. The amount of time you have spent in the market is also crucial because the award is for those who are still at their early stages.

You must also have been complying with the best practice in the production and designing of your apparels. Your compliance level is an essential factor because it goes to show how much regard you have for the industry. So, these are requirements that you must meet if you’ll be considered for the award.

Things To Submit With Your Application

You will have to submit your look book. Your lookbook is essential because it contains the looks you have created and it can be conveniently assessed therefrom. Your lookbook must have nothing less than 6 looks that have been created by you. These looks will be a part of your assessment.

As such, you must ensure that you include your best looks. This will amount to putting your best foot forward. Also, if you will be applying for the award, it is advisable that you start creating your designs way before the award opens. This way, you get to have viable designs that you can submit.

You also have to include your brand logo. Your logo goes a long way in your identity. It is a part of your brand that speaks to your business. As such, you have to include your logo and in high resolution. The image you include must be standard and clear. This makes it easy for the examiners to assess the logo for their needs.

You will have to discuss your motivation for the application. There must be a reason you’re applying for the award. We want to hear this reason. So, in 150 words or less, you have to discuss why you’re motivated to apply for the award. You’ll talk about what made you choose to apply for the award and what you aim to get out of it.

Your brand overview is also important. Your brand overview presents the essential details about your brand and gives the examiner an insight into what you have been up to. Your overview includes the collections you have produced, the unique selling point of your business and the registered location of your business. Your application also has to contain press coverage with about 20 articles where necessary.

You also have to talk about your stocklists and provide the needed information on your stocklists. Also, it is crucial that you talk about your experience with wool. The examiners want to know how you have been able to work with wool and the strategies you have been able to use.

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