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What We Do

Inspire Innovation

What We Do

We organise an international award for wool designers with at least two years of market viability, and at most, eight years. Our award is geared at growing a spirit of competition, which is the best way to ensure the creation of value and excellence in the industry.

We offer monetary prizes for our awards, which helps the winner set up in life and boost their career projection. The monetary prize is a drive for many people who enter for the award. This way, we are able to get the best applications from designers across different places.

This is crucial to the sustenance of the industry. As such, what we do is to inspire excellence through our prestigious award which offers the winner and finalists a life-changing opportunity to become better at what they do. With the monetary prize, the winner gets to set up the needed facilities to create complex and advanced lookbooks.

Our aim remains to build the next generation of wool designers who are not only forward-thinking but also have the right facilities to bring their ideas to life. The wool industry will get bigger with impactful ideas that can drive growth and development. These ideas are best nurtured by the young ones who can channel their passion towards developing brilliant designs and products that will disrupt the market.

The encouragement and support of the next generation is how we can strengthen the wool industry to ensure that it serves the purpose it should. The award aims to bring out the best in the students and young ones by challenging them to dare their abilities and claim the prize.

We are passionate about innovation and we inspire it through our award and mentorship opportunities. We want to ensure that the next generation of wool designers are active innovators who can disrupt existing models and build something new.

This is an effective factor towards strengthening the wool industry. By having individuals who are innovators, they will be solution-driven, which is what every industry needs to survive.

As such, we want to provide the needed atmosphere and tools to inspire such levels of innovation. This is done through our award which seeks to boost the competitive spirit of designers to do their best in the process of winning. This goes a long way in securing the future.

What we do is to provide mentorship opportunities that can drive development and help young designers grasp the opportunities in the wool industry by leveraging their relationship with their mentors. We are passionate about the development of the wool industry by incentivising innovation and ideas from young minds in the industry.

We provide an avenue for brilliant designers to win monetary prizes and gain mentorship opportunities that can set them up for life. We aim to produce the next generation of wool designers who are passionate about designs that will disrupt and advance the market. We want to connect wool designers to some of the best minds in the market that can offer them growth opportunities.

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