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Who We Are

Who We Are

We are passionate about the development of the wool industry by incentivising innovation and ideas from young minds in the industry. We provide an avenue for brilliant designers to win monetary prizes and gain mentorship opportunities that can set them up for life. We aim to produce the next generation of wool designers who are passionate about designs that will disrupt and advance the market. We want to connect wool designers to some of the best minds in the market that can offer them growth opportunities.

Our Mission

We aim to produce and reward the next generation of wool designers who will advance the market.

Expert Team

We have an expert team comprising individuals with years of experience and expertise. Our team members are passionate about the wool industry and have been in the market for a long while. We leverage the experience of our team members to devise brilliant ideas through which we advance towards our mission.

Our team is filled with wool designers who have worked at different capacities in times past. We are passionate about rewarding the brilliance of young designers who are disrupting the market and developing impressive designs that attract the eyes. Our team is passionate about excellence and innovation. We want to ensure that a culture of value addition is introduced into the industry.


We are passionate about innovation. The essence of the award is to build a new set of designers who are highly innovative and can produce top-tier looks that had not been produced prior.

We are out for designers that can leverage the existing designs to develop designs that will appeal to today’s market and also remain relevant for the future. Innovation is the key concept driving today’s world. You must be able to innovate if you must survive. An industry where there is a paucity of innovation will soon become a thing of the past. This makes innovation highly necessary.

Through the award, we are able to compel excellence and innovation from young designers who know they must put forth their best foot to win the award. The award prize is also highly prestigious.

This gets the designers thinking and makes them think outside the box. By introducing a culture of innovation, we are able to plan for the industry’s future such that innovation will be seen as a normal thing to remain relevant.

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